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Committed to provide education to millions of underprivileged children. Our children are the nation’s future. We endeavor to lend education support to children in tier 2/3/4 cities and townships so that they have equitable opportunities to earn a livelihood when they grow up. .

Ensuring dignity of community members who are differently-abled, underprivilaged village and street children, visually impared children, talented football playing chidren by providing them the opportunity to learn and grow which ultimately support the community developmnet.

To bring social change through positive impact in communities by employee volunteering along with the development of sense of pride and responsibility. Employees provided with the Volunteering activities opportunities during our CSR project implementation, donation events and crisis management initiative, like Floods, Covid-19 etc.

Welcome To V-Mart Foundation

The main objective of the CSR policy is to lay down guidelines for the Company to make CSR a business process for sustainable development of the society at large. It aims to enhance and implement the society welfare measures by the Company in a well structural manner on short and long term basis with a vision of making V-Mart to act as Good Corporate Citizen. CSR is an evolving concept at V-Mart, it’s been there since incorporation, we have promised to ourselves to take up the responsibility of ensuring a healthy ecosystem. V-Mart’s CSR program is anchored on the continuing commitment to improve the quality of living conditions and opportunities for the differently able without regard to their faith, origin or gender.

V-Mart CSR

The purpose behind V-Mart CSR is to Create a framework for equitable, sustainable development for the upliftment of the less privileged communities in the country for a better future. The V-Mart is geared towards planning, designing, developing and monitoring sustainable development in domains such as education, health, livelihood and environment. The intent is to achieve all-round development via creative ideas coupled with governmental initiatives, and definitive steps on our part. Led by the philosophy of making a meaningful contribution to the society and the environment through long-term and sustained initiatives, we have, over the years, engaged in several activities with the mission to ‘create value and make the ecosystem proud’.

We have been partnering with NGOs, educational and charitable institutions towards enabling an equitable and bright future for the underprivileged and needy people across India.

What We Do

What We Do

What We Do